AV Professional of the Year - AV Awards - Judges’ Comments
Ross brings AV to life for everyone, not just the technical community.  He is a champion for the industry, who bridges AV with the creative elements of some truly ground-breaking projects.  Ross’s contribution to the AV industry stands head and shoulders above the rest.
Jacquie McHale Sjödin - Communications Officer - Dataton AB
The amazing thing about Ross is that even after 30 plus years in the business, he still lives and breathes AV with the same passion as ever!  His artistic integrity and professional approach are unwavering, whether he is working on a commercial project or participating in an arts festival.  He has successfully led the way in large-scale projection mapping as a creative medium, believing and then proving that everything is possible.  His commitment to excellence in every project is an inspiration!
Hartmut Kulessa - Marketing Manager - Panasonic Europe GmbH
Panasonic has worked with Ross on a many different projects including projection mapping York Minster cathedral, Blackpool Tower and at the spectacular Edinburgh Tattoo for a number of years. Ross is a brilliant AV professional, not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible and always telling an interesting story which has been invaluable to Panasonic as a manufacturer. 
Pete Hangen - Co-Founder, Napa Lighted Art Festival
It’s rare that you find an artist who understands the creative process in an arts festival and who also have the ability to help you move your business goals forward. He was instrumental in helping us to shape the Napa Lighted Art Festival into a creative platform for lighted art with international exposure and awareness.
Birgit Zander - Founder & creative director - BERLIN FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS
He has a very long track record of projection design and his technical skills match his creative work. His pieces transcend barriers and speak to a worldwide audience – they can be thoughtful, informative, are always absorbing and engaging for the public. He has an absolutely solid consistency of quality and execution as an artist and designer that I know is rare to find. I would certainly recommend him for AV Professional of the Year.
R.N. Kumar - Deputy General Manager - Indian Tourism Dev. Corp.
In my capacity of Deputy General Manager at the Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Mr. Ashton on many occasions. ITDC is proud that in working with him, we were instrumental in creating the first mapping projection in India which is permanently installed. 
There is no doubt that Ross Ashton has had a huge influence on the development of projection art in India. As the person who created the first permanent projection mapping installation in India, he set the benchmark for all that followed. The works that they have created for the ITDC are amongst the most popular in our portfolio. 
Paul Milligan - Editor - InAVate Magazine
There can be little debate that Ross Ashton sits at the top table when it comes to projection mapping.  Involved in the technology long before it became the ‘next big thing’ in the AV world, his portfolio of projects is incredible, from the Olympics to the Edinburgh Tattoo to the Queen’s 50th Jubilee.   He has played a huge role in making projection mapping as well-known as it is today. 
Ken Wheatley - BD Director - Christie Digital Systems.
Ross Ashton is truly a visionary when it comes to light and mapping shows and he set the stage for the media shows we enjoy throughout India today.  Over the last 10 years, Ross and his colleagues at TriColor India have created a whole new market.  These are pulling in domestic and international visitors to greater India by telling deep historical stories using media and creativity.  
Ross introduced and brought the face of high technology to media shows and attractions in India and beyond.  Christie is proud to be a part of Mr. Ashton’s projects and the pleasure these have offered to guests from nearby and abroad through his creative storytelling.
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